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Annual Maintenance Contract

We have Comprehensive support for Tally AMC Customers. Our support services are meant to help you understand the tremendous power of Tally to grow your business. The ever-changing Business Environment sometimes requires you to get the help and support you need to use the software. From our Tally Product Specialists, you will enjoy a gentle, personalized service and a comprehensive understanding of Tally and business knowledge.

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1 Tally Prime  Single User Annual Maintenance Contract

·         Remote Support through system access.

·         Email Support

·         Telephone Support

·         Support through Tally Software Support Centre.

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1 Tally Prime Multi User Annual Maintenance Contract

·         Unlimited Remote Support through system access.

·         Unlimited Email Support

·         Unlimited Telephone Support

·         Unlimited support through Tally Support Centre.

The following are Tally AMC Services:

  • Regular e-mails for new version upgrade in Tally.
  • Installations and training of the new versions upgrade at the same time.
  • Unlimited Online Telephonic Support and mailing support
  • Online Training during the period. (Operational training only, legal compliance includes new reporting, if applicable)
  • Free License update to Latest version.
  • Free Data Migration to latest version.
  • Splitting up of the data annually as and when required.
  • Technical Data error.


  • Data Username & Password need to be remembered. Forgetting any one of those will render data inaccessible. This condition will be served with extra charges.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for one year from the date of PO.
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