Sell product with Different Units

Sell Same Product with Different Units of Measure:

In some case, where you buy an item in a box or cases, but still sell separately, you can see how many separate products are there in each box or case. This way, when you purchase the item, the system will store individual items into your inventory.

This particular add-on helps you in selling product with different Unit of measure (UOM).  For E.g. you can buy a product in Box or cases and sell the same in both, the box and single unit.

Scenario: How to maintain the multiple sales units of measure for a particular item in a single area? Sales orders with different meanings may have different units of measure for the same material in the same sales area.

Advantages/Features of the Tally Customization Solution:

  • Buy and sell product in different unit of measure (UOM).
  • You can also set different rates/price to different units. E.g. 1 unit SAR 10 and 1 Box SAR 100.
  • It provides error free stock summary.
  • Print in different Unit of measure (UOM).
  • Better Invoice format with English and Arabic fonts (Bilingual).
  • Better Customer Quotation/Sales Order with English and Arabic fonts (Bilingual).
  • Allows you to supply goods to different projects of same customer.
  • Allows user to specify Delivery Terms and Payment Terms in quotation.
  • Helps you to enter Validity of the quotation.
  • Useful for Cash and Credit sale.
  • Search/Filter invoice at one click with invoice number.
  • Print Invoice or Customer quotation/Sales Order in letterheads.
  • Specify paper measurement as per your requirement for printing.

 The below screen gives you the clear image of the solution:

Solution Image

You can also set different rates to different units as shown below:

Rates - Units

The print view of the sales invoice looks as shown below:

Sales Invoice

The print View of Customer Quotation looks as shown below:

Customer Quotation

Search/Filter invoice at one click with invoice number as shown below:

Search-Filter Invoice

Look at the search result below:

Result Report

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