Voucher Approval

Voucher Approval in Tally ERP 9


With this General Modules Add-on, an administrator will get the rights to approve the entries done by users. Approved entries will only be effective in books of accounts. The unapproved vouchers will not take effect. Also, an administrator can assign different types of vouchers to different approval authorities with specific approval limits. This solution also supports voucher checking before the voucher confirmation process.


1. Allows administrators/owners to keep a track of vouchers being posted in books of accounts through an approval.
2. Multiple approval authorities with the ability to regulate different approval authorities with a certain amount limit.
3. Checking of Vouchers before approval, i.e., the workflow will become as Voucher Entry -> Voucher Checking -> Voucher Approval -> Affects Books of Accounts.

What’s New?

  • Compatible with Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.0

Important Note: Take back up of your company data before activating the General Modules Add-on.

Once you try/purchase an Add-on, follow the steps below to configure the Add-on and use it.

Setup Guide

  1. Update your license.

Go to Gateway of Tally -> F12: Configuration -> Product & Features -> Press F4 -> Load TDL files on startup Yes -> Press Enter and paste the path of the TCP file -> Press Enter & Accept.

  1. Activate the Add-on

For Tally.ERP 9 Series A version lower than Release 3.2

Go to Gateway of Tally -> F11: Features -> F1: Accounting Features.

Set “Yes” to the option “Enable Voucher Approval Controls?”

Also set “Yes” to the option “Enable Checking of Vouchers before Approval?” in case you require voucher checking before approval of voucher.

For Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 3.2 and above

Go to Gateway of Tally -> F11: Features -> F6: Add-on Features

Set “Yes” to the option “Enable Voucher Approval Controls?”

Also set “Yes” to the option “Enable Checking of Vouchers before Approval?” in case you require voucher checking before approval voucher.

Add-on details with images.

Now, you have to set the voucher type which will be required for approval. To do the same, Go to Gateway of Tally -> Accounts Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter -> Payment and set ‘Yes’ to the option Required Approval.

You can set Security Rights and Approval Limits by going to Gateway of Tally à Company info. -> Security Control -> Voucher Approval Rights.

The screen will appear as under.

Create a new voucher of Payment and there you will find voucher is marked as Optional as given below.

To Approve Vouchers, Go to Display -> Vouchers for Approval. If voucher checking is enabled, go to Vouchers for Checking.

You can select multiple vouchers for approvals in one go by pressing Spacebar key.

Press Alt + F7 to mark a voucher Checked or Approved. Tally will open a new screen for the user to enter remarks for Checking and Approval as well.

After doing approval, Voucher will start taking affect in books of accounts.


Which version/releases of Tally.ERP 9 does the add-on support?

This add-on will work only from Tally.ERP 9 Series A, release 6.1 to Tally.ERP9 Series A, release 6.4. Contact…00966-583117703……For upgrades and downgrades to previous releases.

How will I get support for this tally add on modules?

For any functional support requirements please do write to us on …tally@manalpro.com or Contact us at 00966-583117703.

Who should I contact if I need some enhancements / changes to be added?

Please to write to us on …tally@manalpro.com… or Contact: 00966-583117703 with your additional requirements and we will revert to you in 24 business hours.

Will new features added be available to us?

We offer one year availability of all support and new features free of cost. A year later, you will be charged a nominal subscription fee to continue to receive free support and updates.

What will happen after one year?

20% of the then MRP will be charged for one year of email support and versions (minor & major).

I am using a multisite. Can I use the same Add-on for all the sites?

Add-on will only work for 1 site. If you want to use the same Plug-in for more sites, you need to buy it again.

How do I configure the add-ons?

Contact: Our technical experts on 00966-583117703.

I have upgraded to a new Tally.ERP 9 Release. What will happen?

Normally, the add-on will work fine without any glitches. If you encounter problems with the plugin, you can contact us at 00966-583117703 for support.

Product and Features Page shows errors with the Add-on. What do I do?

Just make sure to Contact our technical experts at 00966-583117703.

My Tally went into educational mode after installing the add-on. What do I do?

Contact: 00966583117703

How do I find out if a new release of the Add-on is available?

Contact: 00966583117703

How do I update to the latest release?

To know, how to update or renew your Tally software, Contact us on 00966583117703.

How do I cross upgrade the Add-on from Silver to Gold Edition?

Our specialized team members will help you out with it. Contact us at 00966-583117703.

My Subscription for the Add-on has expired. How do I renew my subscription?

For this you need to Contact our experts at 00966-583117703.

Will this add-on work in remote session?

Yes, this add-on will work remotely.

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