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Web Development

Get the best Web Development and Web Designing services at a cost effective price in Saudi Arabia. It is the work involved with developing and designing a website for small, medium businesses and enterprises.

Web App Development:

Web app development is a process and practice of creating and maintaining software applications to be used on the World Wide Web (WWW). Web application development is more important than ever in today’s technology-oriented world.

Most of today’s simple websites even use some kind of web application. Our top-level development team has extensive experience in providing web applications to customers who offer solutions to core business needs.

When utilizing the latest technologies, we always keep customer-specific goals as our top priority. We do not want to apply technology only for the sake of technology. On the contrary, we prefer to take advantage of our broadest development experience and implement the most appropriate technology solution to give our customers the best results.

Takamul Al Manal can develop sites and applications designed to integrate into existing systems or propose new platforms and configurations to optimize performance and availability.

Programming Services:

Web application development is accomplished by expert programmers who are familiar with the coding required to create Web pages including HTML, XML, Flash, CSS, PHP, ASP and others.

Each of them has a unique function and creates various results. In varying degrees, programmers are experts in one or more of these languages. Web application development may vary or be specific depending on the requirements of the respective Web pages.

Our software programmers have the experience and expertise of developing all kinds of software applications in a variety of special programming languages providing you with programming resources for different web applications.

We offer software that is developed for a custom website design and E-commerce feature for a person, business, company or organization for your website. Our web programming service packages will be highly competitive and cost effective.

This will drive your website or software to attract customers and get more traffic for your products / services / information.

E-commerce Systems:

The E-Commerce system is an electronic system that automates the exchange of goods and services over the Internet in a safe environment. It enables the establishment of web-based companies and offers existing companies the opportunity to automate sales and use their online assets to achieve higher sales volumes and reach global markets.

When correctly designed and implemented, E-Commerce systems can provide significant reductions in administrative, sales and marketing overheads. We offer innovative technical solutions and expert marketing suggestions to help you get the most out of your E-Commerce system.

Our cost-effective solutions combined with our result-oriented approach ensure that the cost-recovery time is as short as possible, sometimes 2-3 months is enough to see the return on your investment.


CRMS is a process that will help you to bring together a lot of information about customers, sales, marketing effectiveness and sensitivity and market trends. CRMS helps businesses to use technology and human resources to understand customer’s behavior and their values.

Web Design:

With millions of websites to choose from over the internet, a well-designed site is intended to attract users. Common considerations include ease of use and attractiveness. Site visitors should be able to quickly understand what a site has to offer and how to navigate through the various pages of the website.

The experts can make simple, fully fledged completely customizable website for your business requirements. The most important feature of web design is the ability of customers to select an item without learning about a product and seamlessly integrate elements so that it can go through easy, simple steps to purchasing.

For this, an expert in web design should not only be technically skilled in building a site, but also understand how to place design elements in an artistic and clean way. Annoying or confusing a user with overly complex layouts will alienate them and leave the website unsatisfying. Security features also help to protect customer information and deliver payment information for website users.

Workflow management:

Workflow management is a system that controls the process of transferring information, documents, and tasks from one employee to another. Thanks to appropriate workflow management, each of these workers or machines passes the work according to a predetermined procedure.

As technology advanced, most workflow management became automated and utilized special software to make the process softer. The software performs many functions and the primary advantage of workflow management increases productivity within the enterprise. However, the main advantages are:

  • Workflow management makes it easy to monitor employees and machine performance.
  • Workflow management serves to standardize working methods by ensuring that each employee working at the same level performs the same function.
  • Workflow management also improves customer service.
  • Workflow management also helps businesses find ways to improve production or service processes.

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