Education and Training Services

Tally Prime Training:

Batch Training:

Regular Mode: This programme is designed for individuals who would like to learn the Tally Prime functions and features as per their business requirement and willing to spend 2 hours in a day. This will be useful for working professionals who can choose to either in mornings /evenings. The total duration of the training is 5 days.

Fast Track Mode: Fast track mode is same as the above but the same 5 days are completed in 2-3 days with 3-4 hours each day. It is ideally designed for those who would prefer to spend the maximum hours for Tally Prime Training in a day.

Corporate Training:

This program is ideally designed for various team members of the organization of various departments such as Accounts, Purchasing, Shops, Production, Sales, Taxation, Payroll and Administration.

This training is customized for every batch and focus is given on the chosen topics. Topics covered in this training are Financial Accounting, VAT, Excise for Trader and Excise for Manufacturers, Payroll, Inventory Management, Manufacturing/Production etc as per their business requirement.

This training has no fixed schedule. It is fixed on mutually convenient timings.

One-on-one exclusive training:

This programme is ideally designed for Business Owners / CFOs / Management Teams. It focuses exclusively on the aspects that is required to monitor the health of the business. This training is handled by our Sr. Consultants having good amount of experience in various business domains.

It enables you to know all the information reports as per your business needs that are provided in Tally Prime. In case, the existing features of Tally do not match your business requirements, we will customize any feature and any report as per your need and we’ll train you on the customized Tally features and reports.

It also helps in managing your business. This training has no fixed schedule. It is also fixed on mutually convenient timings.

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